About us

I am Peter Lundström, the man behind Swenature AB, a trained biologist with 20 years’ experience of natural conservation work and guiding. Swenature AB is a company working with the natural environment in many different ways. We offer unique natural experiences in the coastal area of Swedish Lapland and we work actively to create rural development through careful use of the natural environment. In addition to this, we work with environmental consultancy, everything from inventory and investigation to environmental impact assessment and crayfish farming.

Our goal is to give our customers an unforgettable Swedish Lapland experience. We strive to use only locally produced and/or organic ingredients in the food we serve during our events. In addition to this we support local trade, working with local producers to create unique experiences whilst conserving Swedish Lapland and its environment.

Our activities are carried out in forest areas which we have selected specifically to minimise environmental impact. We operate in the archipelago, along the coast and our rivers as well as in the forestland. 


Peter Lundström