A calm day on the ice

A calm day on the ice

To many people, ice fishing brings a sensation of total relaxation as you close your eyes, listen to the silence and enjoy. For others, the main point is the hunt for the large perch, drilling lots of holes to find the perfect spot. The choice of approach is all yours.

On snowshoes, we walk from the road down to the water and the feeling of calm starts to set in. Silence envelops us as we near the ice and the site of today’s activity.

We will build a small camp with a campfire and reindeer pelts and then we go through the basics of ice fishing for perch. You will then drill a hole in the ice and begin fishing. We will take breaks during the day, enjoying good food cooked over the open fire and pot-boiled coffee from the sooted pot.

Tour details
Season: jan – mar
Tour length: 5-6 hour
Includes: Private guide, transfer, fishing equipment, ecologic lunch, hot drink.
Min/max persons: 2 – 8
Price: 1750 SEK per person