Snowshoe hike

Snowshoe hike

Walking out into the completely white landscape, completely covered in ice and snow, is a fantastic experience to do on snowshoes. After a few minutes of hiking through the windswept snow-covered forest, the landscape opens up. You now only have ice and snow as far as you can see.

We go out on the frozen Gulf of Bothnia and take aim at one of the many uninhabited islands out in the archipelago. We find a suitable place, protected from the wind, where we make a fire together. You can drill one or more holes in the ice yourself to start your fishing for whitefish and grayling. Fishing along the coast is often conducted in very shallow water where whitefish and grayling go to search for food.

While the participants fish, a meal consisting of locally produced ingredients is prepared over the open fire. If we are lucky, we see the white-tailed eagle circling above our heads. After the meal we put on our snowshoes back on again and look for the pack ice, which is often thick and tall with its spectacular formations a bit beyond the island.


Tour Details
Season: january – march
Tour Length: 5-6 hours
Included: Private guide, transfer, showshoes, ski poles, organic and locally produced lunch, coffee over the fire, northern delicacies.
Min/max persons: 2-8
Price: 1750 SEK per person