Canoe rental

Canoe rental

At Skellefteå Kanotcenter there are several kayaks available for rent, see our models below.

Skellefteå Kanotcenter is located on Sunnanå, on the south side of Skellefteå river, a short walk from the city center. Starting your paddling at Storholmen, in the middle between Lejonströmsbron and Parkbron means that you have good opportunities to choose how far and long you want to be out paddling, and are guaranteed to take part in the best part of the river. We have extensive experience of paddling in the river and are happy to help with tips on suitable trips based on your experience and wishes.

As the interest in paddling kayaks has increased over the past year, we want to help spread this incredibly pleasant hobby to more people. So, we decided to expand our fleet with more canoes and models. If you have questions about kayaking, or equipment for kayaking, you are welcome to contact us and we will help.

A tip is to book the canoe in advance, to guarantee you to paddle the day you want. Use the booking botton.

If you are interested in renting a Canadian or kayak for a few days or longer, contact us for a price. If you want to paddle a different water than the Skellefteälven in the center of town, it is also fine, let us know your wishes in connection with booking.



2 Canadians Mad river canoe Journey 156
2 Canadians Mad river canoe Journey 167


1 Prijon Seayak sea kayak
1 Rainbow Oasis EXP
1 Wave Sport Hydra
2 Azul Kayaks Xenon 14
1 Wilderness systems Tsunami 135
1 Double Kayak Tahe Lifestyle DUO