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Skellefteå Canoe Center

At Skellefteå Canoe Center there are several kayaks available for rent, see our models below.

Skellefteå Canoe Center is located on Sunnanå, on the south side of Skellefteå river, a short walk from the city center. Starting your paddling at Storholmen, in the middle between Lejonströmsbron and Parkbron means that you have good opportunities to choose how far and long you want to be out paddling, and are guaranteed to take part in the best part of the river. We have extensive experience of paddling in the river and are happy to help with tips on suitable trips based on your experience and wishes.

Canoe rental


Rent a canoe and kayak only 50 meters from the bank of the Skellefteälven river. Enjoy a nature experience in central Skellefteå. The Skellefteå river, with its many islands, is fantastically pleasant to paddle around in. There are nice stops on islands and beaches perfect for swimming, picnics, and barbecues. Our canoe center is located on Sunnanå, a 10 min walk from the city center.

Canoes and kayaks are rented out in four hour blocks or all day.


Outdoor Equipment Rental


Far too many people sit inside and dream of going out into nature, but give up because they lack the necessary equipment. We want to enrich all people’s experiences in nature and therefore offer our professional gear for rent. We have everything from Canadians and kayaks to tents, sleeping bags and snowshoes for your activity. Feel free to contact us for a quote if you need equipment for a longer period of time.


“When I paddled the Skellefteå river, I saw a whole new side of the town. It was incredibly beautiful. Very scenic too!”

– Åsa Lundmark

Opening Hours

Our business is based on booked experiences or rental of equipment.

We respond to emails within 24 hours and by phone when it rings.